While there was a whole bunch of stuff going on during Super Bowl weekend, comedian and 'Conan''s man on the street Billy Eichner was only interested in halftime performer Madonna.

So he went around host city Indianapolis asking folks about what they thought about the Material Girl. As you can see, Eichner's unbridled enthusiasm for the pop legend engendered some pretty hilarious responses from the folks who had flocked to Indy for the big game.

Eichner continued his quest to make the Super Bowl all-Madonna all-the-time inside of Lucas Oil Stadium on game day. He found that the game's cheerleaders shared his Madonna love, and when he finally watched the halftime show he was practically bouncing with excitment.

Perhaps the best part of Eichner's quest to ask everyone at the Super Bowl about Madonna was when he confronted the victorious Giants about Madge's halftime show.

They hadn't seen it, of course, because they were in the locker room getting ready for the second half. Now it would've really been brave if Eichner also asked the losing Patriots how they rated Madonna's performance.

[via Team Coco]