David and Charles Koch are known for their enormous financial contributions to conservative politicians, so naturally their brother William is known for building an entire Old West town out on his Colorado ranch. Wait. What?

Apparently William "Wild Bill" Koch is obsessed with the Wild West, and so he took things to the level that his $4 billion net worth deems necessary, building a 420-acre town, complete with 50 buildings and a water treatment system (hey, it's fun to pretend it's the olden days, but dysentery is sooo 1843). The town has a saloon, a church, and a jail, and nobody can come over and play unless Wild Bill says so. The town also has a gate with guards to make sure nobody gets in or out who isn't supposed to. Maybe that's what the jail's for?

The town is solely for Koch's amusement, and also to house his enormous collection of Old West memorabilia (which includes Jesse James' gun and Wyatt Earp's vest, among other countless things). Hey, did you notice this guy likes the Old West? He's maybe kind of into it.