After what went down between Bill, Hillary and Barack in 2008, we can't imagine the trio of politicians are all riding the Friendship Train to Good Times station.  But if there's one thing people of any political affiliation can appreciate, it's a good old fashioned act of civility.

And while ultimately that which is good for our standing president is good for the former one and his Secretary of State spouse, we were more interested in the moments following President Clinton's rousing speech.  That's right, we came for the speech, but we left with warm fuzzies from that giant bear hug exchanged between the two leaders.

In his speech, President Clinton talked about how it is "okay to disagree, but it shouldn't mean that we can't treat each other with civility and respect." While we suspect it may have had something to do with across the aisle blood-feuding that has dictated politics on The Hill as of late, perhaps it was his subtle way of burying the hatchet with the man who bested his wife in 2008.  Either way, the bow and the genuine hug?  We dug it.  Check out more examples of Bill and Barack's bro-mance below.