It's a joyride that probably shouldn't have taken place.

A man on a big wheel, without a helmet and without handlebars, was captured on camera driving along a busy Philadelphia highway on Sunday (note the NSFW language). The video was posted on Facebook, where it has understandably generated quite the disbelieving reaction.

Akeem Edwards, who shot the video, told WCAU, "He actually looked at me and he smiled as he was rolling by." Ah, a daredevil, if ever there was one.

Police are looking into the matter. Clearly, this guy was taking his life into his own hands, not only because of the danger posed by driving along a highway in a non-motorized ride, but also because he put his life in danger by potentially angering the people of Philadelphia, a notoriously angry populace who are not above booing Santa Claus. So, you just know, they're not going to have much patience for this joker, right?