Nothing can ruin a urban dweller's day more than discovering that their bike has been stolen by some thoughtless thief. One bike rider, however, decided he wasn't going to just roll on with his life and let them get away with it.

Danny Lesh of Washington D.C. lost his bike to a thief but came up with an ingenious plot to get it back after discovering the thief put it up for sale on Craigslist.

Lesh lent his "Cannondale" bicycle to a friend when it was stolen. The unidentified suspect cut through the bike's cable lock with a pair of bolt cutters.

Sometime later, Lesh found the bike for sale on Craiglist for $100. Lesh's recognize his $600 bike by a sticker he put on the inside of the frame. He called the police to help him recover the bike, but police said they were unable to send a officer. So rather than wait for the thief to sell the bike to someone else, Lesh took matters into his own hands.

He arranged to meet the seller in person in a public area for a test drive. Lesh got on the bike and took off with it. The thief even had the nerve to call him and ask for the bike back or he would report him to the police. Instead, Lesh posted his own Craigslist ad warning people not to buy bikes from him.

Of course, police officers advised against doing what Danny did to recover your stolen property.

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