The birth of little Blue Ivy to Beyonce Knowles and Jay-Z may have seemed like a fairy tale. But like many fairy tales, this one includes a witch -- and a wicked one at that.

According to the Onion News Network, when Beyonce was a little girl she met a witch named Grisora in the woods. Grisora promised that she would make the wannabe performer "sing with the beauty of 1000 nightingales" in exchange for her first born child.

While Beyonce was hoping Grisora had forgotten the deal, that wasn't the case, and the witch appeared in a puff of smoke after Blue Ivy was born, and snatched the little girl. (Maybe that explains all the controversial security measure Beyonce and Jay-Z took during the birth.)

Learn more about this shocking development below.

BREAKING: Witch Who Granted Beyoncé Fame Returns To Claim Firstborn Child

[via The Onion]