From what we can gather, the infant star of the 'Don't Call Me Oscar' Tumblr is actually named Sophia. But other than that, all we know about the adorable youngster is that she is taking a "journey through the [2012] best picture nominees," as it says on the site's tagline.

To complete this journey, little Sophia recreates a scene from each of the ten Academy Award nominated movies. Well, except for 'Hugo.' Guess little Sophia isn't a Scorsese fan.

Some of the recreations, like the one for 'The Artist," are pretty true to the original material. Others, like 'The Girl With the Dragoon Tattoo' effort, are a bit more interpretive. (It's set in Sweden so she's in an IKEA. Get it?) You can check them all out below.

The Artist

'The Descendants'

'War Horse'

'Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close'

'The Help'


'Midnight In Paris'