It sounds like something out of a cliched romantic comedy -- a best man loses the ring during a wedding ceremony and the nuptials stop as members of the party and guests get down on their hands and knees for a frantic search. The only problem is that this actually happened to an unfortunate couple getting hitched outside of London.

Elizabeth Gray and Lewis Aubrey's wedding service had just begun when the groom's brother and best man, Matt, dropped the ring.

"Suddenly you just hear this noise that sounded like metal dropping and with that the vicar said to the best man … 'Was that the ring?' and he went, 'Yeah,'" said Gray. "Then all eyes turned to the floor."

So, they tore apart floral arrangements, checked formal wear, lifted up carpets and removed drainage grates in an attempt to locate the missing ring, but to no avail. Undeterred, the bride and groom continued the ceremony with a wedding ring borrowed from Gray's mom.

Hours later, the vicar found the ring between a step and the raised dais. He returned the ring to the sheepish best man, who eagerly returned it to his newlywed brother.

"My brother was holding the ring like Frodo from 'Lord of the Rings,' and everyone erupted," the groom said. That's a great comparison, but a Hobbit wouldn't have lost the ring in the first place.

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