Do remember Makin' Whoopie Pie? You could buy that Ben & Jerry's flavor, which was chocolate ice cream augmented by marshmallows and devil's food cooks, 10 years ago. Unfortunately, the concoction didn't prove popular enough and the Vermont-based ice cream makers laid Makin' Whoopie Pie to rest in 2003. Literally.

In Waterbury, VT, Ben & Jerry's keeps a flavor graveyard with headstones for all its properly buried flavors. According to Ben and Jerry's spokesman Sean Greenwood, the unique cemetery is popular with ice cream aficionados.

"You walk up to the graveyard here, and there'll be fans that are up here putting flowers next to a headstone, or down on one knee, kind of paying their respects," Greenwood explains.

But fans of flavors departed can do more than just pay their respects. On the Ben & Jerry's website, you can make your case for why your favorite flavor should be "resurrected." If there is enough of a demand, the ice cream may make it back to the shelves.

Zombie ice cream, just what the world needs.