The outrage over Ben Affleck being cast as Batman in the upcoming 'Man of Steel' sequel continues to spread quicker than the time it takes him to polish his Oscar.

The Internet exploded with fury after learning the 'Argo' star would play the Caped Crusader. Now, angry fans are taking their feelings beyond snarky comments on Twitter and Facebook to get the government involved.

Not one, but two petitions, have been created demanding Affleck not be allowed to play Batman. One of the petitions even asked the White House to step in (because, you know, the White House doesn't have anything better to do, right?). That petition popped up on the White House's website, specifically requesting that it be "illegal" for Affleck to portray the iconic character for the next 200 years. That petition was taken down.

A different petition on, meanwhile, that requests Warner Bros. "remove" Affleck is alive and well. So far, more than 11,000 people have signed it.

Geez, give Affleck a break – it's not like he signed on to do a 'Daredevil' sequel or anything offensive like that.

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