If there is one thing that all of the internet can agree on, it's that pictures and videos of kittens and puppies are the tops.

Now, thanks to researchers at Japan's Hiroshima University, you have even more reason to search the Web for such adorableness when you are at work.

The scientists conducted an experiment in which 50 students were asked to do simple tasks before and after viewing a three sets of pictures. One set was photos of kittens and puppies, another was of adult cats and dogs and the third was shots of yummy foods.

While the students were slightly sharper after viewing the photos of the food and the adult animals, their productivity shot through the roof after looking at the photos of kittens and puppies. In fact, they were exactly 44% better at performing the tasks.

One theory as to why this happens is that extreme cuteness makes folks pay more attention, and this extra attentiveness continues when the viewer moves on to do other things.

If looking at photos of kittens and puppies can boast workplace production, imagine all you could get done if your boss allowed actual kittens and puppies in the office?

Until that happens, just keep checking TheFW, where we promise to keep bringing the latest and greatest of productivity-boosting kitten fare.

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