Another cheat, but you'll thank us. In an earlier draft of 'The Lion King', Scar, now king, has let the Pridelands sink into despair and desolation as he himself sinks deeper and deeper into insanity. Obsessed with immortality he desires an heir and chooses Nala as his queen, who promptly rejects him. Understandable, since he's old enough to be her very, very old father. Scar then banishes her and reveals the hyenas as his minions who'll keep the other lionesses in line. Compare this to the finished film where Scar lets the hyenas into Pride Rock right after Mufasa's death, which doesn't flow as nicely. This reprise of 'Be Prepared' made it into 'The Lion King' musical as 'The Madness of King Scar' so at least it got a second chance.