The best of the best will take the court in the Final Four, but let's not forget the worst of the worst.

Fail Army has put out this hilarious compilation of basketball moves gone totally wrong (note some NSFW language). It's filled with dunks and trick shots that serve as reminders only the best athletes should attempt such shots while the rest of us would be wise to just sit on our couches checking to see how much our brackets busted.

Watching college and pro stars often inspire us to try and mimic these hardcourt heroes, but there's a sad truth: there's a reason they're balling and you're not. That's just the way it is -- you're not LeBron James and LeBron James doesn't walk into an office and try to slog through the morning meeting like you do.

In fact, if you want to be a basketball star, your best bet may be to quietly work on your game in the background while you think no one is watching.

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