Job hunting? Well, maybe this is the perfect one for you to road trip around the country as a full-time Oscar Mayer employee with benefits. The job even comes with the perfect title: Hotdogger.

According to People Magazine, the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile has been in commission since 1936 driving the back roads and highways of America. It's 27 feet long and 11 feet high. In other words, 60 hot dogs in length and 24 hot dogs high.

 Are you up for it? The gig pays $35,600 to start with benefits. Plus, since Hotdoggers are on the road, A LOT, the job also includes a weekly stipend of $150 so you can do with it what you need for meals and personal travel.
Yes, being full-time time as I mentioned above means health insurance and vacation time, and let me tell you, for an entry-level gig, the vacay days are incredible.
Are you ready for this? According to People Magazine, entry-level Hotdoggers get 18 days of paid time off plus all hotel expenses are covered as you drive from city to city, town to town making stops and taking selfies.
Oh, and no it's not called the Frankmobile anymore after the brief name change according to Oscar Mayer's Instagram.

The job, as I'm sure you figured out, is all about marketing and branding in the most fun way possible. If you're part of the Hotdogger class of 37 according to People Magazine, you will continue this 88-year-old tradition of driving the yellow and orange hot dog vehicles while handing out Wiener Whistles and creating incredible social content with photos and videos.

Qualifications include strong communication skills and a bachelor’s degree in public relations, journalism, communications, or marketing according to the Kraft Heinz Company press release. 

Click here to apply. The application process ends on January 31st.

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