'Call of Duty: Black Ops' has sold more copies than any video game in US history and the gaming community anxiously awaits 'Call of Duty: Black Ops 2', which is set for a November 13th release.

So obviously the folks at Activision, who make the game, are doing something right. However after watching the 'Call of Duty' spoof 'Bark Ops,' we now realize what the first-person shooter series is missing: More dogs.

In the clip, an operative is pinned deep in enemy territory. Things aren't good for our hero, and when he calls for backup he gets a confusing response involving "puppy academy."

But when the newly minted German Shepherd soldiers are airlifted in, they quickly prove their mettle. Under the brave leadership of Sgt. Nibbles, the dogs disarm the enemy with their sharp teeth and general adorableness.

Sgt. Nibbles is even willing to make the ultimate sacrifice when a grenade is hurled his way. But if you stick with the clip till the very end, you learn that the pooch survived the blast and was honored as a hero. So 'Bark Ops 2' should probably be hitting YouTube sometime next year.