Pub 500, a Minnesota-based establishment, has added a unique new dispenser to its women's bathrooms: pregnancy tests. For $3 using either a credit or debit card, women can purchase a test before they start drinking.

The locally-based nonprofit Healthy Brains for Children came up with the idea in order to help reduce the effects of alcohol-based defects. (All proceeds from the machine go directly to the organization.)

Pub 500's owner Tom Frederick told ABC News in an interview that his bar is happy to donate all of the money back to Healthy Brains for Children and fully supports their dedication to making sure that less and less children are born with learning disabilities or birth defects from alcohol exposure in the womb.

There is also a sign posted above the pregnancy test dispenser that reads: "a pregnant mother shouldn't be drinking, and there are many cases where she does not even know that she is pregnant." The sign and the dispenser have been a hit, with Healthy Brains for Children's executive director and co-founder Jody Allen Crowe explaining that they have received an enormous amount of positive feedback.

If all goes well, Healthy Brains for Children plans to install 100 pregnancy test dispensers in the area to further prevent any alcohol exposure for unborn children.