14-year-old Virginia high school student Brian Thompson thought it would be hysterical to run down the sideline during a football game dressed as a banana. We agree, kind of funny, but unfortunately the school and local police didn't find the stunt as amusing and had the kid arrested.

MyFox DC explains that not only was Thompson handcuffed and put into a police car, school officials are going way overboard on his punishment, too. Colonial Forge High School is suspending him for 10 days for being disruptive. To make matters worse, Thompson is autistic, which his mother says causes him to do impulsive things, like say, run down the sideline of a football field in a banana costume.

Students are sticking up for "Banana Man" but it doesn't seem to be helping his cause:

"Some students at the school wore t-shirts Monday that said 'Free The Banana Man.' They say the shirts were confiscated and students wearing them were ordered to attend school on Saturday as punishment."

A spokeswoman for the school district she says discipline recommendations are "not made in isolation" and that there is an appeals process. So in other words, Banana Man will be able to appeal. Some jokes write themselves.

[via MyFox DC]

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