BadLipReading, the website that puts words into prominent politicians' mouths, has been quiet for a while after having fun with Presidential candidates like Mitt Romney and Michele Bachmann. But now they are back with perhaps their most difficult subject yet -- Joe Biden.

You see, Biden is prone to saying ridiculous things on his own. So BadLipReading really had to step up their game to produce a video so absurd that it differentiates itself from what Biden says on a regular basis. And step it up they did. Although, we have to warn you -- some of the stuff they've dubbed into the Vice-President's mouth are borderline NSFW.

From now on we will think of Biden as a po' boy eating philosophy weirdo. Among other more perverted things.

Not only was that video funny, but it also provides some pretty clear evidence that Biden isn't afraid to hit the Botox. His words might not always be so smooth, but in some of those clips the 69-year old's face certainly was.

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