In this funny video, YouTube user Blimp01 attempts a social experiment of sorts by backflipping in public to see how people will react. Well, that's certainly original. As hobbies go, we guess you could do worse.

Really, though, this video is all about the reaction that the young man gets from onlookers as he backflips at a mall, in a classroom, in a library and on a crosswalk. Some people simply ignore him, others gawk, a few laugh and clap. "Thanks," says one. "[You] should be a gymnast."

So why exactly does he do this? "I got bored," he wrote in the video's YouTube description. Ah, that explains it. When we get bored, we watch silly YouTube videos, but maybe that's just us.

Is this prankster funny or annoying? If you were to witness such a thing, how would you react?