They say kids learn by example, and now we have further proof -- little ones who've watched their moms and dads order coffee are now able to do the same thing with a new concoction called a "babyccino." And baristas are none too happy about it.

You won't find babyccinos on most cafe menus, but that doesn't stop parents in Brooklyn, New York from ordering them anyway. Apparently they consist of either steamed milk and foam or a simple decaf cappuccino. (Because you want your kids to develop a taste for coffee before they're even out of diapers, right?)

The trend started in Australia about a decade ago, and according to Aussie coffee expert Paul Caligiore, milk-only babyccinos are now so popular there that finding a cafe without them is rare. Still, the people who sling coffee for a living aren't happy about it.

“They interrupt workflow, create milk wastage and can be served at a dangerous temperature to a vulnerable consumer,” said Caligiore.

Here in the US, where babyccinos aren't typically on menus (yet), a Brooklyn cafe owner says that while her place does serve the beverages, she doesn't allow her own kids to drink them. "It's a little weird," she said, "but we make [them]."

Katherine Haver, a freelancer who works out of coffee shops, said, “My child has been going to cafes since he was a newborn. ‘Coffee shop’ was one of his first words.”

And we wonder why the terrorists hate us.

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