Overnight this YouTube clip has become a viral sensation, and it’s easy to see why people all over the world are cooing over this hilariously cute kid. From start to finish this little girl (or guy? Who cares?! It’s so cute!) has us doubling up over her very mature shopping skills.

'Ooh La La' by The Wiseguys forms the perfect backing track to this upbeat, cute-sy video, creating an atmosphere of a busy lil' lady on a shopping mission!

As we see her strolling around with her mini shopping cart, we’re instantly giggling at her adorable adult impression. Watch as she putters around and checks out the various foods on display below.

First stop is the cheese counter. Disappointed with the selection, she quickly dumps the packet under inspection and moves on swiftly to the cereal aisle. Here she has a little more luck, and bop!, a box goes into her cart. Next comes a quick foray into the fruit section, but a quick squeeze of the bananas show us that this little madame is unimpressed by the quality.

But by far, this shopper -- so very advanced for her years -- LOVES the dried fruit section. Is that a good six packets we see go into the cart? And ever the polite customer, she makes sure to retrieve any fallen packs from the floor.

With the bouncy music, the smaller-than-life cart (and person!) and the super sped-up movements, this video has us chuckling and smiling from ear to ear. What a cutie-pie!

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