An important part of a baby's development is when it has enough strength to pull itself up. But, as far as we know, there's no milestone when a baby first learns how to do actual pull-ups like the one in this video. Because of that, this strongman baby is mighty impressive.

10-month-old Jonas is actually trying to watch 'The Jungle Book' playing on the home computer, but can't get a clear view of the screen. So, he grabs the edge of the computer desk and hoists himself up to watch a sing-a-long.

Jonas does this more than half a dozen times and doesn't lose his grip once. Just goes to show, some kids will do anything for a Disney flick.

Reaction on YouTube has been mixed. Some viewers were awed while others worried that Jonas might injure himself. What do you think? Is this an impressive feat of strength or just an example of bad parenting?