So a baby walks into a bar…and a hilarious Tumblr is born.

Ever since the first wave of the ‘drunk’ baby meme surfaced back in June, we’ve kept our eyes peeled for more pint-sized munchkins who appeared to be a few pints in. Let’s face it-- having warm milk every single day gets a little boring sometimes, and who's to say babies don't have the right to spice up their lives from time to time?

We’re totally kidding. We’re not by any means promoting underage drinking, especially if said drinkers are 21 years too young and "throwing back a cold one" means guzzling down apple juice out of a sippy cup. While it might be a tad irresponsible to perch a little munchkin on your lap as you’re working on that cocktail, we also know that more often than not, irresponsibility leads to something extremely entertaining.

In this case, that never-gets-old, classic amusement comes in the form of the ‘Babies in Bars’ Tumblr. We’re not exactly sure how these parents didn’t get arrested, but boy do their kids make adorable bar-side accessories! Check out our favorite 'tipsy' tot snapshots below.