Babies and lemons go together like toddlers and warheads or skunks and kittens. Basically, the combination musters up incomparable adorableness, and you know we’ll never pass up anything even remotely adorable. So when we discovered there is a whole slew of mini lemon-eaters bearing extreme sour faces on YouTube, we just had to share them!

From uncontrollable spasms to charming confusion, the pungent fruit brings out a whole variety of baby reactions, all of which are hilarious and ridiculously cute.

Our first lemon-eater has a case of severe sour face, and we’re pretty sure he doesn’t want to do anything about it. The tiny munchkin barely puts the lemon wedge in his mouth before sour face completely takes over! How do babies make face spasms so darn cute?! We have to give it to this little guy -- he’s quite the trooper holding that hilarious sour scowl for a good 30 seconds.

We’d like to introduce you to the happiest lemon-eating 10-month-old, ever. She also has a claim to fame (according to us): the cutie pie invented the "lemon wiggle dance." What’s the"lemon wiggle dance?" Well, it involves giggles, wiggles, and a little bit of sour shivers, but you’ll just have to see for yourself to get the full adorable effect. Can we keep her?!

Our next cutie patootie had us hooked right from the get-go. Come on-- those cheeks are just too adorable! But then the lemon is introduced, and the adorable factor increases tenfold. The brave baby is just suckin’ on a lemon wedge, and then suddenly… something tastes funny. Maybe if she gives it one more chan--NOPE, still sour. The best part is that she saves us her best sour face for the end-- so innocent, so sour-like, so scrunched up!

The buildup of this next sour spasm video is perfect. The little girl just looks like she’s playing with a lemon wedge, seeing what it’s all about. Nothing to see here, folks. Then 18 seconds rolls around and the funny baby introduces us to the full-on sour body spaz; the face scrunches up, head bobs, and arms flail. Basically, she makes it the cutest lemon-eating dance of all-time!

We’re learning lemons induce all kinds of kiddie emotions-- some tots are overjoyed by the sour spasms, while others are straight up mad. Baby Alex is definitely the latter. The whole pungent-packed experiment starts off innocently enough, that is until Alex realizes what the heck is happening. We’re not sure if his hysterical angry face is caused by the extreme sourness or the adults laughing at him, but one thing is for sure: lemons just bring out the worst in this mini man.

Baby J loves the lemon, he hates the lemon. He loves the lemon, he hates the lemon. Normally we’d say “make up your mind, silly baby!” but in this case, we’re all for “keep on being indecisive, little dude.” We love how he’s so into the super pungent fruit and then backs away in sour-shiver disgust. It’s like the kiddo just wants to give the stuff another chance...and another...and another...You’re a lemon trooper, baby J.


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