Babies are the luckiest little munchkins. If our days simply consisted of eating, pooping, and sleeping, we would find ourselves in infinite bliss. Ok, maybe that’s a bit of an overstatement, but they do lead pretty amazing lives. However, babies do need a little adventure here and there, and that’s where the ‘WeeBot’ comes in.

Even before little tykes are able to walk and wobble all over the place, they can now wheel around in what looks like a cross between a high chair and a Segway. Let’s face it: crawling around in a playpen and teething on plastic rings is really boring these days, so why not amp up the excitement in a baby’s life with a personal ‘WeeBot’? While mom’s grabbing more Animal Crackers out of the cabinet, her tot can experience the thrill of racing about the kitchen any which way he or she desires.

Now, we’re not exactly sure how the baby steers the scooter, and we’re equally unsure if the pint-sized driver actually knows what’s going on. But boy does it look fun! We do have one question though: does the ‘WeeBot’ come in adult sizes?!

What do you think-- is this totally cute or completely creepy?

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