With the hype machine for 'The Avengers' running at overdrive, even amateur filmmakers are getting in on the action. Playing their part, Table8Productions, who have created homemade 'sweded' versions of movies before, are going viral with their latest low-budget creation, a scene-by-scene remake of 'The Avengers' trailer.

An amateur remake means a cast of regular folks play the roles of Marvel's iconic superheroes. That means the Incredible Hulk isn't so incredible.

Check out the trailer starring an overweight Captain America, a balding Hulk, a Hawkeye who actually gets to say something and a "mother f---kin'" Samuel L. Jackson take on Nick Fury.

Superhero movie fans will find a lot to like here, even with the unnecessary LMFAO bit at the end. It's full of subtle humor, and we especially loved the 8-bit games for Iron Man's helmet graphics. Oh, and the Avengers taking on the Death Star? Way to win the internet over.