'The Avengers,' which hits theaters on May 4th, is the first live-action movie adaptation featuring the complete team of Marvel superheroes.

Or at least we thought it was. But it turns out The Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man and the rest assembled and did battle with Loki in a little known TV movie in 1978. Take a trip in the way back machine and check out this fantastic (and fake) trailer.

While we have to admit this had us going for a moment, there actually was no 'Avengers'' TV movie in 1978. And judging from the hilariously awful costumes and production values, it's probably for the best we're getting our first real look at the superhero team in the Twenty-First Century .

Instead the promo is clever spoof using footage from the cheese-tastic 'Incredible Hulk' and 'Captain America' TV shows and made-for-TV-movies of the 1970s and '80s. There's also some footage from other TV shows mixed in there. (And, of course, '70s variety show staple Paul Lynde as the villainous Loki.)

Some of you are probably wondering why the band Kiss appears in the movie as Loki's henchmen. Well, if you knew anything about 1978, it shouldn't be a mystery. The glam rock band was everywhere that year. In fact, any 1978 'Avengers' movie that didn't feature at least one member of Kiss would be even more unrealistic than Thor's hammer was in that clip.