Sunglasses as we know them may be forever changed.

YouTuber Yousif Ashoor has created this nifty new take on sunglasses by creating ones that cover your eyes when the sun comes out and then retracting when your eyes are not in the line of the sun.

Ashoor doesn't get into the specifics of how he made these, although he does take time to put himself down by saying, "I have no life."

He calls it a "work in progress" and wants to see how other people on the internet respond to it, which, really, is a terrible idea, isn't it? The anonymity of the internet practically guarantees viewers can cut him down, bully him, mock him for inventing so stupid and ruin his self-esteem, which doesn't seem like such a tough task since he's already admitted he has no life.

Don't listen to the doubters -- you've got something unique here and you never know if it will catch on.