The hotly anticipated sequel to the 'Angry Birds' franchise will take everyone's favorite ornery fowls to the depths of outer space. However, one NASA astronaut has already beaten them to the punch.

NASA Astronaut Dave Pettit, who is working on the International Space Station, held an interesting demonstration while in orbit. He used the upcoming game to explain how angry birds, pigs and eggs would actually move in the vacuum of outer space.

Since space has zero gravity, the trajectory of each launch will send them in a straight line, rather than pulling them down as their inertia decreases and gravity starts to take hold of the object. (We knew that physics class we took in high school would come in handy someday.)

We can't wait to see what it would be like to play actual 'Scrabble' on the Space Station when the inevitable 'Words with Friends in Space' hits the App Store.

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