Ashton Kutcher may or may not be dating his former 'That 70s Show' costar Mila Kunis. But in a new ad campaign for Popchips, his four international alter egos are most certainly single and on the prowl for love.

In the spoof of video dating, Kutcher plays Nigel, a hippie Brit, Raj, a Bollywood producer, Darl, a Germanic fellow who seems to be based on Karl Lagerfeld, and Swordfish, an American biker. And what does this all have to do with potato chips? Well, all of Kutcher's alter egos enjoy Popchips, we guess. Darl even lets his cherished lap dog have some of them.


Kutcher might not be getting the greatest of reviews on 'Two and a Half Men,' but let's see Charlie Sheen do all of those accents.

You can learn more about the foursome on the ad campaign's Facebook page, and outdoor ads featuring the characters will soon be appearing in major American cities.

So which of the international Kutchers is your favorite? And which do you think Kunis would be most likely to date?