Art has different kinds of beauty. There's simplistic beauty in pieces like Claude Monet's nature scenes and Botticelli's "The Birth of Venus". Others have intrinsic beauty like those painted by Pablo Picasso. This exhibit has actual living beauties and you can actually take one home with you.

An exhibit in the Ukraine features several sleeping female models. The men who attend the exhibit are invited to kiss the sleeping ladies, according to The Telegraph.

Of course, there are consequences for the ladies they kiss. If the sleeping woman opens her eyes after receiving the kiss, they are obligated to marry the man who kissed them. Both the models and the men who attend the exhibit are even required to sign contracts stipulating that they will marry the woman who opens her eyes.

The artist Taras Polataiko didn't explain his artistic reasoning for the exhibit or the deep philosophical statement he intended to make. He just hopes he'll be able to make two people very happy. Isn't that the opposite of marriage?

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