It's the ghost of internet past.

Elwood Edwards, the man who uttered "You've got mail" for AOL users, is now driving for Uber and happily said his trademark phrase for a passenger out doing volunteer work for Hillary Clinton in Ohio over the weekend.

Edwards told Brandee Barker about his AOL work, so she recorded him and the rest is viral history.

Like so many other things in life, Edwards wound up getting the AOL gig because he knew someone. In this instance, his wife worked for the company that would eventually become AOL and she recommended him when it was looking for someone to provide a voice to accompany the software being used. All told, he made $200.

After a career working an editor for a TV station in Cleveland, Edwards now passes time driving around, earning extra money with Uber and making people's day just by uttering three simple words.

He also continues to be a good sport about his contribution, not only evidenced by his above interaction with Barker, but with a quirky video from a few years back that you can check out below.