The Internet loves bad 'Wheel of Fortune' guesses, and the genre just received a new member. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Steven, a particularly bad 'Wheel of Fortune' guesser.

Seriously, how did he blow this one so badly? "Surf clay" we can understand, kind of, even though it's not a phrase anyone on Earth had ever uttered previously. At least the letters are all there. But how did he come up with "where we go"? The word "come" is already up there!

The poor guy probably just had a brain lock, which we've all had at one point or another. Fortunately for the rest of us, it wasn't on national television in the age of YouTube. Good luck, Steven, particularly at every social gathering you attend for the next few years, where you will surely be saluted: "Hey, Surf Clay! Where we goin'?"

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