Apple touts the iPad as intuitive and incredibly easy to use, which must be true, because even certain members of the animal kingdom seem capable of using it.

We've combed through YouTube and gathered the best examples of animals interacting with the amazing device below.

Watch as a monkey plays 'Angry Birds,' a husky howls along with recorded music and a cockatiel pecks at a virtual piano. Even a hamster gets in on the act. And don't feel bad if these animals have an easier time using the device than you do.

Monkey Plays 'Angry Birds'

A Cat Named Iggy Investigates iPad

Husky Sings Along With iPad

Two Orangutans Fiddle With iPad

Cockatiel Plays Piano on iPad

Maltese Puppy Licks iPad

Cats Stalk Virtual Fish on iPad

Lizard Reluctantly Uses iPad

Hamster Logs Some Time With iPad

Wild Cats Paw at iPad

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