If you don't live in Buffalo, you've probably never heard of "Dyngus Day." It's a Polish-American celebration which marks the end of Lent and is held in the city on the day after Easter.

Those who celebrate Dyngus Day acknowledge its name -- which means "worthy or proper" -- can sound silly to the uninitiated. Count Anderson Cooper among the uninitiated.

While doing a feature on the holiday during his RidicuList segment, the CNN anchor completely lost it.

What really set Cooper off was the Dyngus Day tradition of boys sprinkling girls they fancy with water, and then girls striking back with "a tap from a pussy willow branch." With all sorts of double entendres surely flying around in his head, Cooper began to giggle. And he kept giggling for a good minute-and-a-half.

"This is really so stupid," was about all Cooper was able to verbalize during his fit.

Needless to say, a lot of folks in Buffalo aren't happy with the way Cooper insulted their holiday. What do you think? Was Cooper being an insensitive jerk? Or is Dyngus Day just too funny not to laugh at?

[via WYRK]