They say there's nothing quite like going to the cinema to get the real movie experience -- unless of course you're loaded and have your own personalized, pimped-out private theater in your house. We've compiled a selection of some of the swankiest (if not nerdiest) home theaters out there just for your viewing pleasure and, of course, inspiration (if you have the cash!).

Star Wars

Check out this home theater created by a couple from Seattle; it's complete with life-sized C-3PO and Boba Fett replicas to keep you company just in case you get lonely in deep space. Designed to look like the control deck of the Death Star, this theater isn't just awesomely designed. It also features sick surround sound, rows of plush seating and high-tech picture quality.


Bruce Wayne ain't the only flossy cat out there with a Bat Cave -- this one might even top his! Elite Home Seating has created the most lavish nerdy indulgence. These luxury chairs are the company's specialty, and they're sure to provide the most comfortable environment for viewing pleasure. You'll have to supply your own copy of 'The Dark Knight.'

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Want to go deeper than any man has before with the Nautilus? Just walk out of your living room! This sci-fi theater, inspired by the classic novel by Jules Verne and the 1954 Walt Disney film adaptation, boasts nearly 900 square feet of artistic design and awesome high quality technology.


If you have to witness the machines exterminating mankind, you might as well do it from the cozy comfort of Cyberdyne Cinema. But this theater isn't just a cool looking homage to 'Ah-nuld' and The Terminator -- it also features high quality sound due to the special construction of the room that takes into account absorption and reflection of sound waves. The designer loves to show off his technological prowess, housing the equipment on glass shelves that is then obscured when the screen is activated so as not to be visually distracting.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Whoever owns this theater clearly can't wait to to go back to Disney World to get the full 'Pirates of the Caribbean' experience. This booty, however, costs $2.5 million bucks. That's right, if you want a theater this awesome, it's gonna cost you.

Indiana Jones

We're guessing this room is the highlight of the home tour. This theater has plenty of A/V equipment, but the real attraction is the ambience. Featured in this real-life Temple of Doom are hand-painted hieroglyphics and accruate prop replicas.

Star Trek

Oh, Trekkies. Notorious for their fandom, it's no wonder some 'Star Trek' fans created one of the most sophisticated home theaters, at no small price of $3 million. This theater, due in part to its amazing design and long list of customized technological elements, won several Custom Electronics Design and Installation Association design awards, including Best Overall Theme Theater.

The Matrix

Need a break from reality? Plug-in to the Matrix. Some of the features of this 'Matrix'-inspired theater include a 4-way screen by Stewart Film, Faroudja DVP-5000 video processor and Escient Power Play DVD Management system. As Keanu would say, "Whoa."