In this awesome video, Domino master Shanesdominoez pays tribute to classic Nintendo titles, characters and gaming platforms with a display made out of a whopping 30,000 dominoes. Fortunately, the massive creation goes off without a hitch.

Dominoes race across the floor and even climb steps in a tribute that honors Mario, Pokemon, the GameCube and the Wii among others. Even Sonic the Hedgehog -- a SEGA creation -- is there because, the video's creators say, "We have enjoyed the sonic games on Nintendo Consoles since the early 2000s."

But is the tribute missing anything? Kirby, perhaps? And what about the Metroid series? Doesn't Samus Aran deserve a nod? Still, we're willing to forgive any omissions, if for no other reason than the video's killer soundtrack, which features music taken from some of our all-time favorite video games. Enjoy!