When Alicia Keys sat down at the piano on 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon' the other night, no one in the studio or at home could have imagined what was about to happen...

Instead of a hit like 'Empire State of Mind' or a track from her new album, 'Girl On Fire,' Keys began to sing a tune that must've struck everyone as instantly familiar: the opening theme to the Disney cartoon classic, 'Adventures of the Gummi Bears.'

To her credit, Keys didn't offer so much as a wink or a smile to the audience to signal that she was in on the joke: she sang it with the same soul and emotion as any other cover song. Not only did she give the crowd a good laugh, but they also got the bizarrely nostalgic experience of revisiting their cartoon-filled youths. Now that's a bravura performance!

Here's the original song for anyone who doesn't remember it: