There are some album covers that are just iconic (Nirvana's 'Nevermind' and U2's 'Boy' are two that come to mind). Because the album art is the first part of the album to reach consumers, and is the visual representation of the band, artists are usually picky about what graces the cover of their album. Many times it's a picture of the musicians themselves that is featured on the cover, or a piece of artwork.

But sometimes the band chooses a photograph that represents their sound or their image indirectly. They stage photo shoots with models, snap photos of people on the street, or choose from an old portfolio of photographs.

So whatever happened to the stars of these iconic covers? The anonymous face (or crotch, a la Rolling Stones) that has faded into obscurity? Find out here! We figured out who the Notorious B.I.G. 'Ready to Die' baby is, who is suing which band, and who is embarrassed by their nude cover. Click through to find out who your favorite album cover stars were then, and where they are now.

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