Remember Chatroulette, the site which let you chat online with random people? Well, Napster founders Shawn Flaming and Sean Parker (of Justin Timberlake portraying him in 'The Social Network' fame) have a new web-based service for your internet consideration.

It's called Airtime, and it's a way of linking total strangers together for video chats.

If that seems suspiciously like the wild and often nudity-filled world of Chatroulette, you certainly wouldn't be the first person to make that connection.

However, what Parker and Flaming say differentiates Airtime from its crude predecessor is that Airtime accesses your Facebook page and hooks you up with not-so-random strangers based on your interests. So you are more likely to be introduced to a fellow Black Keys fan or somebody else who loves dogs. Also, you can limit your universe of potential matches to only Facebook friends of friends.

And if you still find yourself staring at something you'd rather not see, you can report inappropriate behavior. (The Airtime folks have pledged to crackdown on anyone abusing their service.)

Airtime has been met with skepticism by many in the tech world, who argue that there is just not that big a demand for this type of video chat service. Take a look at Airtime's snazzy introductory video below and let us now if it's something you plan on exploring further.