For many of us, our 100th birthday is so far off, it's almost impossible to imagine where we'll be or what we'll be capable of during those VERY golden years. Dana Jackson decided spend her centennial getting married to her 87-year-old boyfriend, proving that you're never too old to fall in love.

On February 6th, in Bowling Green, Kentucky, 100-year old Dana Jackson and 87-year old Bill Strauss tied the knot at Rosewood Health Care Center (where the two currently live) in the cafeteria. The adorable old couple exchanged a kiss and shared some tasty ice cream cake to celebrate.

It's hard to believe that after 100 years, you could still want to get married, but Mr. Strauss explained, "I never thought that I'd get married again, but I found one that is just as nice as can be." In other words, the love that these two share is just too intense to not get hitched. You can't really argue with that kind of seniority.

Dana has probably seen a lot during her 100 years on this earth, but we've never seen a wedding quite like this. To be ringing in the next 100 years with wedding bells is pretty amazing.

[Via: The Daily What]