Ah, young love.

Whether it's elephants or little girls, romance is tricky business.

Quinn is an adorable five-year-old girl wrestling with her mixed feelings for her boyfriend. She's dead serious when talking to her mom about how the boy doesn't make her as happy as he seems to be when they're together.

As Quinn quickly realizes, "I think I'm too young to have a boyfriend." So true, Quinn. You don't want to be tied down yet -- not when there are so many things to do, so many sandboxes to dig, so many Barbies to play with, so many princesses to pretend to be.

You gotta give Quinn credit here, though. She may be young, but she clearly realizes the magnitude of what she's contemplating when she says, "I don't want to break his heart." She's sensitive and caring, which, with a package of traits like that, is probably only going to want to make her boyfriend pine for her more. We wouldn't be surprised if he busted out the, "I can change speech" after she dumps him.

Quinn's mom says her daughter is very serious when it comes to relationships. "Quinn is 5 going on 25," she tells People. "She is a precocious little girl who is wise beyond her years."