It's easy to forget, amid the rumors and the various news items, that the Olsen Twins were a cutesy juggernaut back in the day. It's also easy to forget that everything, and we mean everything, has a convention. Fortunately, this video does the courtesy of reminding us of both.

In case you were wondering, yes, this is the 2012 International Pizza Expo, which happened just this week in Las Vegas. And yes, those actually are the Olsen Twins, as you might remember from the meme sensation this song caused a little while back.

Among the questions we can't answer: who thought the Olsen Twins could rap? What exactly is there to do at an International Pizza Expo anyway? How much antacids do nearby drugstores move during the International Pizza Expo? We know not the answers to these important questions, but don't worry: we'll keep digging.

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