With the world wrapped up in Olympic fever, we've seen a lot of inspirational athletic achievements over the past few days. What we haven't been getting a whole lot of from the London Games, however, is comedy.

So to remedy the lack of laughs that often occurs during an Olympic season we present a video of a man dressed as a woman doing an Olympic-style gymnastics routine.

The lovely lady with the pig tails and the mustache is Paul Hunt. He was a gymnast in college and won the 1972 national championship in the floor routine. After he graduated, Hunt became a gymnastic's coach and during a demonstration of a particular move he realized doing woman's gymnastics as a man could be funny.

So he took that show on the road during the eighties, appearing during gymnastic exhibitions as "Pauletta Huntesque" or "Pauletta Huntenova."

It's pretty funny stuff, but we don't think it is even the best gender-bender gymnastic video we've ever seen. That would belong to the less-heralded meet-crasher in the video below.