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Is it just us or is Robin, Batman's faithful sidekick, more of a damsel in distress than an actual crime fighter? There's no way a true superhero could find himself in so many bonehead situations, from writing a tell-all about his dual identities to bumbling up a simple Christmas tree decoration. Sure, the Boy Wonder is only in his teens, but that's no excuse for such a lousy sidekick hire.

Here are eight Batman comic book covers that prove Robin is an idiot:

This cover reveals a lot: Robin can fight crime but isn't great with home decor, he can scale the side of buildings but can't climb a ladder and Batman and Robin decorate for Christmas.
Writing stories about the true adventures of Batman and Robin probably isn't the best way to keep a secret identity safe. Although with that hunt-and-peck typing method Robin is using, it would probably take a couple years to turn out one chapter.
Never trust Robin behind the wheel of the Batmobile if he can't even figure out the basic controls of a hot air balloon. Here's a hint, Boy Wonder: the big handle that controls the scary bursts of fire is helpful in this situation.
Superheroes conceal their secret identities from the world with a pair of glasses or a mask covering only their eyes but Robin can't even recognize himself in costume. He needs a second opinion and verification. Possibly a DNA test.
"Holy I'm about to state the obvious even in a life or death situation, Batman!"
Right, so, Batman couldn't lick who or whatever is in that room but the kid that can't trim a Christmas tree or figure out a hot air balloon is going to hand him a beating. Don't stop him Batman. Let him go in just to teach him a lesson.
Never make another man (even a Batman) choose between friendship and a hot chick. The hot chick will win every time.
Sure Robin, you COULD reveal Batman's secret identity to save him from execution or you could help him escape. Even easier would be for Bruce to just post bail. He is a billionaire after all.

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