We can understand why some people would rather wait to find that perfect man or woman before physically giving themselves to someone else. We can't imagine being able to successfully do it (especially if we constantly use the phrase "do it"), but we can understand it.

Pam Shaw of East Lancashire, England has waited 70 years to find her perfect man to give her virginity to and she's finally decided that she has waited long enough.

The cabaret dancer who goes by the name "The Sexsational Pam" announced that she's ready to lose her virginity, even though she's never been married. Shaw said her busy career got in the way of her personal life and she was never able to settle down, get married or have any kids.

It wasn't for a lack of opportunity. Shaw got plenty of offers from potential suitors during her dancing days. She even worked with and knew some famous heartthrobs in her time such as singers Tom Jones and Engelbert Humperdinck and actors Roger Moore and Patrick McNee. She was close with all of them but never once gave into temptation, even though Humperdinck often and openly flirted with her. She said she didn't believe in having sex before marriage. Her mother also served as her career chaperone and lived with her until her death and "wouldn't allow any funny business."

So who is Pam looking for in a Mr. Right? She's certainly not settling for Mr. Right Now. Shaw said her standards are "very high." She's hoping "to bag a millionaire with tall, dark and handsome good looks." He'll also have to be able to keep up with her energetic personality and lifestyle. Even though she's retired and living off of her pension in the twilight of her life, she still goes to salsa and Zumba classes every week and can fill out the outfits she wore on stage more than 50 years ago rather well.

Good luck, Pam! Here's hoping you find love at last.