The pick-up truck 4-year-old Averie Carrion was riding in with her mother and one-year-old brother slid off an icy Iowa highway, flipping over into the snow.

It was night, and the temperature was well below freezing. But Averie managed to crawl her way out of the overturned vehicle, and then trudged a quarter mile through the snow to the nearest farmhouse to get help. She told the family who lived in the farmhouse that her brother was injured and she thought her mother was dead.

Averie’s mom wasn‘t dead -- she thinks that she blacked out after the accident -- and was obviously very upset when she couldn‘t find Averie. However, not long after the emergency vehicles arrived, the folks from the farmhouse got to the scene and informed everyone that Averie was back at the house and doing fine.

Luckily, nobody was seriously injured, making for an especially happy ending.