This boy had never seen a vending machine before. He probably hopes he'll never see one again.

Authorities in Melbourne, Australia needed six hours to free a four-year-old boy who got his arm stuck in the first vending machine he ever saw on Sunday.

Officials had to distract the boy with cartoons and a stuffed animal, but the process was so lengthy he even had to be knocked out during certain points.

Eventually, he was liberated and sent to the hospital where was listed in stable condition.

The boy's father said, "He was a bit inquisitive...but he's good now."

The best quote to describe the ordeal, though, comes from a fire official. "Look, over the years I've attended to several children with their arms in vending machines," he said. "This particular one is actually quite heavy duty and a real challenge for us."

Hmm, maybe Australia needs to do something about kids putting their arms in vending machines before it's filled with a nation of youngsters terrified to buy Twix, Chuckles and Fritos.