This week's '30 Rock' will be another live episode. Perhaps to prepare for the speed of live television, the cast of the sitcom stopped by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and tested their quickness with a game of charades.

Fallon teamed with Tracy Morgan and Jane Krakowski during the game, with Alec Baldwin, Tina Fey and Jack McBrayer as their opponents.

Team Fey/Baldwin/McBrayer displayed an almost preternatural ability to guess each others clues during in the first half of the game. It was almost like they've all worked together closely for the last six television seasons.

Team Morgan/Krakowski/Fallon, however, wasn't so strong. But we did learn from their floundering that Tracy Morgan likes to blurt out random things and has never sat on a couch before. (Which sounds about right.)

Will the all '30 Rock' team continue their dominance? Or will a surprise twist shake up everything? Watch the second half of the segment and find out.