If you want to find the mayor of Aredale, Iowa, the best place to look is probably the local high school.

That's because 18-year-old Jeremy Minnier, who was elected to the town's highest seat on Tuesday, is still a senior.

But his age obviously wasn't held against him when he beat the incumbent mayor 24 to eight while running as a write-in candidate. That may seem like a low number of votes, but considering Aredale only has 74 total residents it was actually a decent turnout.

In addition to attending school, Minnier works on his family's sheep farm and has a part-time job at Aredale's only restaurant. However, despite his busy scedule, he plans on being a very hands on mayor.

Being the mayor doesn’t mean that you just sit back and tell other people what to do,” he says. “You gotta be there helping. I’m gonna be sweeping the streets out there with a broom and shovel just like they are.”

Right now the biggest issue facing Aredale is that many of the town's septic system aren't up to state code. That sounds like a job for an enthusiastic young mayor who's not afraid to get dirty.